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ARIVsys SOFTWARE INC. - History, Philosophy and Mandate
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ARIVsys SOFTWARE INC. - History, Philosophy and Mandate

About ARYsysThe Attendance Calendaring software was developed by ARIVsys Software Inc. to address the need to keep track of employee attendance for several departments at a well known Canadian university. The need to improve time management information is a vital function in all business environments. Why? Because time is money. And effective time management tools give both the employer and the employee an easy means of communicating, so lost productivity is minimized.

Prior to the development of Attendance Calendaring, our cost-effective and user-friendly software, record keeping was at best a tedious task that used the same antiquated tools most people still use today - spreadsheets!

After extensive research to source a low-cost, easy-to-use attendance management software tool to replace spreadsheets, ARIVsys Software Inc. discovered none were available. Although some software did approximate some of the desired features, these options were expensive and involved complex payroll systems, requiring built-in time and attendance modules. Not only was it not economically feasible to invest in a costly system just to use one of its modules, one couldn’t assume that these modules could adequately address the required functions.

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