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Attendance Suite
The older software I used to keep track of staff was time consuming and confusing.  With “The Attendance Suite”, I spend only minutes per day keeping track of everything. It is easy to use and it’s fast.





Attendance Suite Basic
Attendance Suite

  • Tracks staff attendance
  • Quickly generates a variety of related reports
  • Ensures compliance with the company’s vacation, illness, and personal leave allowances
  • Provides easy reporting of unexpected and expected absences
  • Provides up-to-date and accurate information, quickly
  • Provides rollover year-to-year information in minutes
  • Allows employees to submit requests (e.g. vacation) and view their history
  • Allows mangers to approve of these requests at their convenience

Attendance Suite Profesional
Attendance Suite

  • All of the Attendance Suite – Basic features plus
  • Prepares staff schedules in minutes
  • Provides timely, up-to-date and accurate information
  • Quickly generates a variety of related reports
  • Sends managers automatic e-mail notifications of rescheduling requirements due to unexpected absences and tardiness
  • Offers a web-based employee interface, which allows employees to view their schedules
  • Offers a web-based employee interface, so employees can swap “shift” assignments

ARIVsys productsARIVsys’ Attendance Suite is a Windows/ Web-based application that facilitates employee time and attendance management.

Organizations require effective strategies to allocate time and proper management of human resources. Once installed, ARIVsys’ Attendance Suite becomes a fundamental tool used in conjunction with the other systems to better manage employee attendance information. With ARIVsys’ Attendance Suite, you will know at a glance, if you have enough employees to accomplish your tasks and which tasks they are working on.

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